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Founded in 2016 by Fabrizio Guarducci, Fair Play creates and enhances its library by selecting movie projects of different styles and genre, that distinguish themselves on the national and international scene.


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Life is a film that’s already been shot. Now we need to edit it differently.

Since his time at University, Fabrizio Guarducci has always been interested in language, considering it the best instrument for the betterment of society and the individual. He’s convinced that distancing ourselves from “toxic and violent words” carried with us for centuries, we can be free of its influences on our thoughts and our aggressive behavior.

Fabrizio Guarducci

A convinced Situationist, Guarducci has always preferred to “educate” rather than to shape his students’ minds in the field of communication. Before and after his degree, he held a wide range of jobs:  turner, waiter, cook, sales person, tour guide, creator of animation with clay, sand, paper and condensation on glass. In 1971, he founded the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute, an international school of culture, art, restoration and archeology.

In 1980 he presided over the Institute of Cinematographic Sciences of Florence where notable people such as Marcello Mastroianni, Nikita Mikhalkov, Michelangelo Antonioni. Martin Scorsese, Bernardo Bertolucci, Tonino Guerra and Vittorio Storaro took part.

The discovery of the mirror neurons was a real “pat on the back” which prompted Guarducci to realize films and documentaries himself. His cinematographic experience begins in 1982 as assistant director for the full length film Silhouettes.

In the ‘90s he begins directing documentaries without spoken commentary. One of these, Dall’ Arbia all’ Orcia, received an award at the PhilaFilm Festival in Philadelphia in 1993. After this experience, he produced Two Days starring Paul Rudd in 2003.

As executive producer he made Il Mio Viaggio in Italia (My Trip in Italy) that won a Golden Eagle. His latest work as executive producer was in 2011 for Una Vita da Sogno. 

While continuing as Director of the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute, in 2015 Guarducci achieves success with the restoration of the Moai on Easter Island in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of Chile.

In 2013 he publishes the treatise La parola ritrovata (The Rediscovered Word). The book presentation and press release was held at the Harold Acton library, the biggest British library within the European continent.

Art critic, author and Italian Tv star Philippe Daverio has stated “After Saussure, this is the most important and complete essay on language as mean of communication that we have been waiting for over 150 years”.

In 2015, Teoria, Il divino oltre il dogma (Theoria, The Divine Beyond Dogma) is released and reviewed by rebel Catholic theologian-philosopher and best selling author Vito Mancuso: “This book represents a precious spiritual workshop”.

His first novel is published in 2016, Il quinto volto (The Fifth Face) a historical thriller about the hidden mystery surrounding the tragic death of Renaissance master Masaccio.

In 2016 Fabrizio founded the independent film production company Fair Play. In 2017, he produced, wrote and directed his first long feature film Mare di Grano (Freckles). Completed in August, it was soon acquired by Wide for the international distribution and it has already been sold to China. Mare di Grano (Freckles) has been awarded two prizes at the first festival it was selected (Terre di Siena)

Fabrizio is currently working on post-production of the film Aspettando la Bardot (Waiting for Bardot) directed by Marco Cervelli. Again with Fair Play, he is now developing three long feature films: “The Village” inspired by Guy Debord and Situationism, “The Wind”, a sensorial experimental movie, and “The Fifth Face”, based on his novel.

In November 2017, his new book Licenziamo lo Stato, assumiamo l’Europa (Let’s Fire the State, let’s Hire Europe), has been released in Italy with simultaneous editions in Italian and English. It is Fabrizio’s political manifesto for a participated democracy.

Marco Cervelli was born in Florence. He graduated in Performing Arts and Music at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Bologna (DAMS) in 2005 with a thesis on Italian Neorealism and an interview with Master Carlo Lizzani (published on www.ilcorto.it). He began working as an assistant director for several film productions, collaborating with filmmakers such as Peter Marcias, Andrea Papini, Claudio Insegno, Annamaria Liguori, Giovanni Bufalini, Riccardo Sesani, Pierfrancesco Campanella, Domenico Costanzo, Antonio Palumbo, Fabrizio Guarducci and Andrea Magnani.

Marco Cervelli

Marco also directed advertising videos for the web for Glam Adv. In 2014 he wrote and directed the short Game Over, an award-winner in the competition “Non giochiamoci il futuro” about the risks of gambling. In 2016 he wrote and directed Disneyland (Special Mention at the Mediterraneo Film Festival Corto di Diamante), a short against racism. 

In 2017 he wrote and directed his first long-feature film Waiting for Bardot, starring Peppino Mazzotta (Anime Nere, Montalbano), Nicola Nocella (Easy), Simona Borioni and Desirée Giorgetti.

Game Over
Award Tema Sociale Corto Fiction
Top Award Etnaci Film Festival

Award Giuria Riace Film Festival
Award Pubblico Festival Pontino del Cortometraggio
Award Menzione Straordinaria Mediterraneo Film Festival Corto di Diamante

marco cervioniMarco Cervioni graduated in Pisa, where he obtained a degree and a Ph.D. in History and Sociology of Modernity at the Faculty of Political Sciences. He considers cinema as an art, but also as the product of a precise historical, cultural and social context, an essential tool to understand the country and its movements.

Gian Luca Guerra

Born in a family deeply involved in the film industry (his father Ugo has written, among others, Il Vigile and has produced Fellini’s I Clown), Luca starts his professional career working in the editing “workshop” of Otello Colangeli where he learns the foundations of post-production, becoming initially editor’s assistant and then post-production manager. He has worked for the most important Italian production houses and major film directors, including Paolo and Vittorio Taviani, Marco Bellocchio, Paolo Benvenuti, Marco Risi, Giancarlo Giannini, Antonio Monda and many others. Luca has been a consulting editor at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia for 10 years. Most recently, he has been working as an executive producer for a number of companies bringing his expertise also in the choice of projects, budget planning and production management.

Laura AndinaA seguito di esperienze acquisite nelle pubbliche relazioni, nella coproduzione, nel reperimento di finanziamenti in Italia all’estero, Laura Andina, responsabile sviluppo e consulente per acquisizioni e vendite TV e cinema, ha definito alcune partnership internazionali e consolidato accordi, operando attivamente nelle fasi di ricerca, selezione, packaging di talent, finanziamento e vendita dei diritti di distribuzione internazionale per progetti innovativi e originali.

Laura Andina ha iniziato la sua carriera a Los Angeles, a contatto con alcuni tra i maggiori produttori presenti sul territorio, impegnati in progetti di alto profilo. Rientrata in Italia, ha lavorato per produttori di comprovata esperienza, per coproduzioni europee e opere innovative di autori di forte connotazione internazionale, oltre che produzioni televisive trasmesse in prima serata sui maggiori network nazionali.

Le più recenti collaborazioni sia come produttore esecutivo che responsabile sviluppo, hanno permesso a Laura Andina di intraprendere un ulteriore passo in avanti e affrontare sfide produttive ancora più complesse, rappresentate da alcuni progetti ambiziosi in lingua inglese, interpretati da attori internazionali per il mercato mondiale.

Opera da oltre 10 anni nel mondo dello spettacolo, spaziando da Teatro, Grandi Eventi, Tv e Cinema. Inizia la sua carriera cinetelevisiva in co-produzioni internazionali firmate Bavaria, Rainbow, Sperl, per poi fondare la società ecoFrames con la quale firmerà spot internazionali come per il libro “Inferno” di Dan Brown, o “Discover Your Passion” per Cartier, lavorando per brand di primissimo rilievo come: Stanford University, Jägermeister, The Woolmark Company, Johnson & Johnson, Pitti Immagine, Luisa Via Roma, Google Arts & Culture ecc

Come line producer ed organizzatore collabora con produzioni e società straniere tra le quali Red Bull Media House, Sky, Food Network, Arte, France2, Constantin Entertainment, Dupont; co produttore dei documentari “Nascita di un museo” Sky Arte e Flowers di Lindsley Kemp.

Direttore Artistico del Festival Film Spray, della manifestazione rinascimentale “C’era una Volta un Borgo sul mare” di Castiglione della Pescaia (ed 2010-2011), delle manifestazioni in S. Spirito (Firenze) dedicate all’anniversario di “Amici Miei” ed “Il Ciclone” alla presenza del Regista, Cast e circa sei mila persone; co organizzatore della Rassegna “La memoria del Cinema” che ha visto partecipare Antonio e Pupi Avati, Marco Bellocchio, Silvano “Nano” Campeggi, Mario Monicelli, Carlo Lizzani.Leggi di più