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The Fifth Face

A film by Fabrizio Guarducci

The Fifth Face is more than the story of the great Italian artist Masaccio and his paintings. It is the story of the man who, by applying mathematical principles to art, ignited the greatest cultural movement in history: the Renaissance. Little by little it was extended to other branches of science, freeing men and women from the transcendent and giving them the keys to their own destiny.

This is the story of the old that refuses to recognize the new, and the difficulty a great innovator like Masaccio had making his patrons understand the new language of art. The architect Brunelleschi and the sculptor Donatello felt the change that was about to take place and sought someone who could apply it to the field of painting. They found him in the 27-year-old Masaccio, whose paintings were not simple representations, but rather interpretations. He did away with glittering gold and shiny surfaces and focused on content.


A film by Fabrizio Guarducci

The match of emotions

A film by Fabrizio Guarducci