Projects in Development

Wind - Pneuma Anima Mundi

The sea water is so calm and clear that it merges with the air and the sky. Everything is still, everyone is expecting the arrival of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. This docufilm, approximately 70 minutes long, will be interspersed with interviews with physicists, philosophers, theologians, on what wind represents for humankind.

The Fifth Face

The Renaissance coldest case is unveiled for the first time in history. Our script is based on Author Fabrizio Guarducci’s thriller novel and Professor Andrea Mugnai‘s investigation. 

After 590 years, the mysterious death of Renaissance’s founder Masaccio is finally unveiled, thanks to a recent investigation on his late paintings, where the Master had secretly portrayed his killer.

The Land of the Singing Dogs

aka The Village

An excess of imagination in the story of a waiter who is trying to impress a young and attractive patron, will bring a village full of selfishness and violence to become a supportive community, an example of harmony and integration.